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Content Marketing – 10/03 – Friday (9h00 – 9h45)
David Iwanow

Everyone loves some great content marketing, David highlights some ways can you actually measure the impact.




Make your website load really really fast! – Friday 10/03 – (9h45 – 10h45)
Fili Wiese

Do you want to optimize your website for speed further but don’t know how? Join former senior Google Search Quality team member Fili Wiese to learn all that matters about optimizing your website for page speed, both a Google ranking factor and a crucial signal for user satisfaction. Walk away with unique insights and hands-on tips on prioritization, which tools to use efficiently and which mistakes to avoid while making your website blazing fast. Having programmed websites and Google internal tools, Fili Wiese is passionate about improving the user experience and the go-to guy when it comes to on-page SEO.


Designing Creative Content: How visualising data helps us see – Friday 10/03 – (11h15 – 12h00)
Vicke Cheung

The feeling you get from finally coming up with a workable idea is one of lightness and relief. That is, until you realise that’s just half the battle; the arduous journey of deciding on an execution still lies ahead. This is as much about what story you want to tell, as it is about visual design. In this session, Vicke will delve behind the scenes of actual case studies and projects, with the view of understanding and demystifying the why, what, and how of data visualisation.


Google News Optimisation: How News Publishers Can Dominate Search – Friday 10/03 – (11h15 – 12h45)
Barry Adams

In this talk Barry will use examples from publishers around the world to show how a news website can leverage its strengths to dominate Google search results, both in the News box as well as in general organic search.



HTTPS://The Road To A More Secure Web – Friday 10/03 – (14h15 – 15h00)
Aysun Akarsu

– What is HTTPS? What is good for?
– Google&HTTPS
– HTTPS On The Web
– TLS Certificates
– Migration